Hello! And thank you for taking a look around my blog. So what is this blog all about? Well, it’s all about art, creativity, painting and keeping myself inspired. Oh and my name is Lins, so I think that explains the title sufficiently :o) I think the easiest way to explain where I’m at and why I’m doing this is to re-post my first blog entry…

“Well hello! And welcome to my blog. My new years resolution this year was to get inspired and get creative so I thought it might be good to document that process. I figured that if I had to blog what I did each week then it would mean that I would actually do it. If I’ve not been creating and I’ve not been posting then people can check up on me and get on my back about it! Besides, it would be nice to get some work out there and maybe even get some feedback from the great world of art.

“A little bit of history about how I’ve got here… I’ve painted and drawn and generally created things for years and years. I love to do it. It makes me feel like me and it makes me happy. And it is for this reason that my New Years Resolution is to do it more. I managed to do the odd bit of creation last year but it was sporadic and not very focussed. I didn’t make time for a creative outlet and, quite frankly, I didn’t like it! So I was pondering on what to aim for in 2012 when I read a blog post about prioritising what you really love, rather than the things you’d just ‘quite like’ to do. So I thought that I should focus on that for my new years resolutions… and it didn’t take a great deal of thought to know that, for me, Art is my number 1 winner! Art is the priority that I need to focus on. I’m lucky enough to have free time without too many responsibilities at the moment, so I want to put it to good use and make time for what I love.

“So to put some figures on my goals (I’m keen on numbers and maths!) my resolution is to devote time to creativity a minimum of once per week. However, I know life can get busy and time can get short, and I definitely don’t want this to become a chore. So I need to accept that sometimes I won’t have a huge amount of ‘creative time’ – if it’s a busy week I may only have time for a 1 hour sketch or a couple of 20 minute doodles. But that’s fine, as long as I do something then all is fine. Other weeks I may have a whole day or more to devote to painting (hoorah!) which is great. One rule for myself is that I can not roll forward extra days work to future weeks, eg. I’ve painted 3 days already this week – this does not mean I can just put my feet up and stop creating for 3 weeks! This still only counts as a tick in this week’s box by my rules. The aim is to keep the creativity flowing throughout the year.

“So there we are. That is my goal. And I’m putting this out there in the big world of cyber so that there is no going back…”

So that is what I’m doing – I hope you enjoy looking around and keeping up with my progress!

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    1. Thank you very much iarxiv!! A nomination is very exciting news! I shall do a post with the official content in when I get 5mins. Pleased you are enjoying the blog and thank you once again! :-)

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