sheep progress: adding highlights

Sheep date

Another week sheep painting and I’m nearly there! Just as well as I’m running out of sheep puns. I thought I was actually finished after class, but looking at it now I know there are a couple of areas which need just a *bit* more work. Only a bit though or I’ll ruin it. I want to maintain some of the relaxed feel of the painting.

This week I worked on adding highlights. Last week the picture was pretty dark in places, where I’d been working on the shadows. So now was the fun part of picking out the highlights and emphasising those! Of course I ended up fiddling with many other areas too, whilst I had the brushes loose.

Top tip from the instructor this week: she suggested moving the horizon line at the back of the field. So I scrub out some of the bushes at the back and replace them a bit more field and voila! The little sheep has some space to breathe. Amazing how a small change can make a big difference.

Apologies for the image but it was taken late into the evening:

sheep progress: adding highlights
sheep progress: adding highlights

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