Floral trio no. 3

Flower 3 of the Floral Trio

It was a lovely bank holiday weekend and I’ve been so inspired by the onset of spring! Now that my running regime is finished the paints are back out and I am loving their return :o) The marathon was a totally amazing day and I’m very pleased to say I managed to run the whole way!! It was one of the best things I’ve ever done and if anyone out there is tempted to do one, I would say GO FOR IT. It’s hard work and the training is long and time-consuming but all the effort is absolutely worth it on the day. The atmosphere is incredible with what seemed like most of London and many others from further afield joining together to come out and cheer us for our 26.2 miles. Thank you all supporters, I seriously couldn’t have got around it without you!

But back to the painting! I’m back to my lovely floral trio and I applied the finishing tidy-up to Floral no. 2 over the weekend (I’ve forgotten to photo it, sorry! Although it doesn’t look huuugely different…) and then got cracking on Floral no. 3. It seems to be progressing quite quickly – I do enjoy these little canvasses for that! So here’s where she’s at just now…

Floral trio no. 3
Floral trio no. 3

There’s a bit more work to go but it is getting exciting to be able to see the three little paintings next to each other! I can start to imagine the finished product now.

I also started work on a new project and a larger canvas which has been inspired by spring colours and I am TRYING (very very hard) to go for a bit more of a loose style and a bit more abstract content. I just want to get the *feeling* of spring into it without it being figurative. More on how I get on with that challenge soon…. :o)

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