home illustration

Where have I been??

Oh. my. goodness. Where have I been?

I can’t believe how fast this year is going. And I’ve not posted?! I have to admit I am really ashamed about that. I think some of it might have been a reaction to last year – doing a creative project every week was quite hard going for me and I think I just fell apart as soon as the deadline wasn’t there! I have utmost respect for the people out there that do 365 projects as I found it hard enough just keeping up to a 52 project! So, I think that is one of the reasons I did a bit of a disappearing act.

Another MAJOR reason is that I’ve been quite busy… I got accepted into the London Marathon last year (!!) so from the beginning of this year the training has been rather full-on. So my once a week painting/creating slot has often been taken up with a 3-4hour training run trying to build up my mileage for the big day! Along with the other runs during the week, fitting in lots more rest for recovery AND lots more baking time for my insatiable appetite after the long-runs – it kind of takes over your life!!

Just in case anyone is looking for a reason to do a good deed today and would like to get that lovely warm fuzzy feeling after doing something nice, I can help you – sponsor me! http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/LindseyRunsTheMarathonEek

I have still been creating and drawing but the painting has had to take a bit of a back seat with all the training. Here is a doodle or two from the last couple of months just to show I haven’t been *completely* lazy! (Just to point out, this is what I like to think I might look like when I’m running, the reality is very different!! And my legs definitely are not so springy as hers after 20+ miles!)

running character
a doo run run!
home illustration
And she found her perfect home…

The London Marathon is in just a couple of weeks now (ARGH!) so hopefully I shall have a bit more time to get back to painting after that… here’s hoping! I am really missing it now!

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