Three paintings off to the exhibition

Year 1: End of year review!

As I am manager and master of myself here at Linspired, I thought I’d better conduct my end of year performance review myself :o)

Well I can’t believe a whole year, a whole 52 weeks, has gone by since I started this blog. It has gone ridiculously quickly – but the numbers don’t lie, I have completed my first year of Linspired. And the first point is just that – I’ve done it! I’ve done something creative and arty crafty at least once a week for a year as per my new years resolution (that might well be the first time I’ve EVER kept my new years resolution for the whole year!). I’m really proud.

The facts

So what have I done over this year? I have:

  • Completed my sister’s wedding painting – a big oil painting and my first architectural painting.
  • Designed and built a miniature beach hut (something I never thought I would say at the beginning of the year!)
  • Re-aquainted myself with vector graphics and created some wedding designs for print.
  • Created the Costa Rican sunset painting.
  • Exhibited some of my work!
  • Completed half a floral trio project.
  • Made all my Christmas cards!
  • Done lots more sketching, doodling and experimenting than I ever normally would have done if it were not for the pressures of the weekly blog.
  • Been to several different galleries and exhibitions and generally just kept myself a lot more inspired on a daily basis by being aware of art all the time. I have found lots of new artists that I love.
  • Made some lovely bloggo-friends which have really encouraged me to keep going and have kept me inspired by the wonderful things that they are doing and creating. So thank you all commenters and inspirers!
  • I have had over 200 likes and thousands of views! I’m well aware this is small-fry compared to many (if not most?!) other blogs. But these small numbers mean a lot to me. It means people have taken time out of their day to read what I have to say and that they actually like it. So I’m proud. Thank YOU all readers :o)
  • Been INSPIRED! Which was always the aim from the start. I genuinely feel so much happier on a day-to-day basis for having kept inspired and tapping into my creative self.

The Review

So I think, no hold-up… I KNOW that’s definitely a marked improvement on the year before. I have produced a lot more, I have thought about art and creativity a lot more. Keeping my mind active in the creative area keeps new ideas coming up so that has been brilliant.

Now, I can’t lie in my performance review – there were times when I got a little behind and had to play catch up in the following weeks. I would *like* not to do this next year, but well sometimes I think it may be inevitable. Sometimes life just gets extremely busy! And there are enough pressures without making my passion in life a chore :o)

So there is work to be done and  improvements to be made but on the whole it’s been a very positive journey so far!

The Conclusion

 I’ve decided that I’ve done enough pass my review (hoorah!). And have graduated on to 2013 – another year of even more creative fun!

So Happy New Year everyone! Time to celebrate my promotion ;o)

Three paintings off to the exhibition
My exhibited paintings this year.

2 thoughts on “Year 1: End of year review!

  1. Lins, well done in meeting your goals! you set an incredible challenge for yourself, yet you gave yourself space so that it wouldn’t become a chore. Good work came out of it as well. So once more, well done!!
    And thanks for Liking my blog. :-) Sarah

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