Christmas illustrations

Week 49: Christmas crafting

It’s been paints aside this week as Christmas is fast approaching and making demands on my time! So card production has begun. I spent a lovely afternoon card-creating – ribbons is my theme this year after I got a bit carried away in various haberdashery shops over the weekend. I just loooooooooove nice ribbons :o) So I thought I’d best put them to good use.

During the week I was at a conference in the big smoke (aka London) so I was away from home which made creative time and resources a little harder to find. However, there is always good old pen and paper and I spent a couple of my commuting train journeys playing with some Christmas illustrations… I did wonder what the serious-looking commuter suits might have made of my silly little pictures as they looked over me on a very packed train. And that made me chuckle, hopefully it might have brought a little inward smile to a few of them. You never know what is under those serious exteriors and I like to think they enjoyed a little bit of silliness :o)

Christmas illustrations
Christmas illustrations

I was thinking of doing illustrated cards this year for a change but couldn’t really get my ideas sorted in time to work out printing etc. So I’ve stuck with my traditional crafty style for this year… but perhaps some of these illustrations might come in handy for next year! Pics of the crafty cards coming soon…


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