Week 48: Floral #2

I had a LOVELY Friday night this week – it had been a rather stressful week so I really needed a bit of QT with my paints to relax (and a little chocolate – spot it in the picture! :o)). A quiet night painting was just the tonic.

So here’s the painting in progress… I find it really interesting seeing how other artists work and how they approach filling up their canvas so I thought I’d pop up a picture of mine mid-way through. My style is a bit sporadic I realise and I kind of just paint whichever bit grabs my attention at the time. I know some people are very methodical at working their way through – I think I must try that out sometime. Just to see how it differs and if it makes any difference to the final output.

Bouganvilla in progress
Bouganvilla in progress

And here’s where I got to by the end of Friday night – a good start I think! I just LOVED working with all the pinky/peachy colours – this flower is quite a bit more complex than the last floral painting so it presents a few different challenges. Good fun.


One slight issue I’ve realised is that, although I very carefully drew out my canvases so the holes for hanging are at the top and bottom (the 3 canvases all link together), what I failed to think about was getting the order of the paintings correct. Major oops. Not all the canvases have holes in the top and bottom ie. depending on their positioning. So from my plan I wanted this painting to go in the middle… but it doesn’t have holes in top and bottom!! So I think I may need to borrow my Dad’s workshop to do some drilling and fit some metal rings to the canvas as I really don’t want to deviate from the planned composition. But I am a bit nervous about wrecking the whole canvas and the painting with it – eek!

I also started designing my Christmas cards this week so I’ve managed to do plenty of hours of art and craft in one week. Lucky lucky me!


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