Flower One

Week 46: A bit more depth…

So after I noticed last week that my painting was really lacking some depth of colour, I worked on it this week! And I’m really pleased with the results – the flower is starting to really ‘pop’ now! It has made so much difference – there is definitely something in taking photos and then reviewing a painting using that (for me anyway!). Somehow I find I can be more objective when I see my work in a photograph than when I look at it on the canvas…. no idea why! 

I’ve also found it really useful to work on this painting straight from the laptop. Normally I print out my images for painting but I didn’t get around to it and I couldn’t wait to start work on the flowers (!) so I thought I’d work straight from my laptop. And actually, it has turned out to be of real benefit. I’ve been using the eye-dropper in my image editing package to just test what various colours are out of curiosity… and I have often been VERY surprised!! Some of the deep colours were way darker than I thought they could be and other colours were completely different to what I’d have guessed. I don’t think colour is my strong point in painting so I’m finding this a really good way of testing my colour perception and learning a bit more about what’s really there…!

Next stop – some serious work on the background. However, I want to keep it low key to keep the painting all about the beautiful flowers!

Flower One
Flower One

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