Floral trio layout

Week 42: Composing the trio

So it’s back to the floral trio now my sunset painting is finished! I’ve been on a little holiday and have been working on this project since then. I’m just about ready to fill the nice little group of 3 canvases that I bought some time ago. As I’ve said before I’m really keen to make sure these canvases look really good together rather than just as individual paintings (as they are tied together!!) – so I didn’t just want to start painting as I could end up with a mismatching group! I wanted the final piece to have a nice sunny bright feeling to remind me of my travels so I needed to find three pictures that did this and complemented each other too.

So, I spent some time choosing between my favourite floral images and trying out different combinations. I found that some of the images I really liked looked good on their own but I couldn’t find complementary images for the other two canvases. So I had to find three that worked together in both colour and composition. I did a bit of cropping and zooming until I was happy with the compositions for the three canvases together. I’m pretty pleased with my final photo combination!

Floral trio layout
Floral trio layout

So here’s my final group of 3 pics that I’m going to work on. I thought I was all good and done with the design stages but then I picked up my canvases to start sketching and saw that they are actually square rather than rectangular as I had thought! So I had to re-work the design so each image worked in a square format! But, I have my designs all done now so I’m getting to work sketching them out onto canvases – yey :o)


2 thoughts on “Week 42: Composing the trio

    1. Thanks Kartika! It’s great to get feedback so thank you very much. Plus it’s reassuring that they do look good, I’ve been looking at them so long I can’t remember which way is up! ;-)

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