Week 38: A painting week :o)

Well, I am very proud to say that I have painted every day for the last seven days… and am still going for more! It’s been really good – and it’s amazing how much you can get done. I’d pondered on doing a ‘painting every day’ week or longer since I started this blog. I’ve been so inspired (and very impressed!) by fellow bloggers with resolutions to paint/illustrate/craft every day for a year, that it was always something I thought I should try for a bit. And now, inadvertantly, I have! It’s amazing how you can create time if you really need to. There have been many evenings when I have been tired after work, or busy with other commitments, but I have still found time to do at least a little bit of painting. And once I’m up and running I always love it! And normally end up staying up too late doing it :o)

I won’t post another picture of the painting just yet as there’s been a few recently and I don’t want to bombard you with them! But it is coming on well and I’ll update on the progress soon. The final picture isn’t far away as I need it completed by Thursday/Friday, ready to give it a few days to dry over the weekend before delivering them on Monday. As it’s oils it won’t be anywhere near completely dry but I shall have to tell them to handle it with care!

Conclusion: A painting week = a happy week :o)


2 thoughts on “Week 38: A painting week :o)

    1. Thank you for the encouragement! And your blog is indeed one of the inspiring ones that impresses me with every day painting! I hope I can stick with it too, I will need to make sure I have plenty of deadlines as that is definitely my best motivator :-)

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