Costa Rican sunset

Week 37: Hello waves!

I’ve been working really hard on the sunset painting this week. There’s nothing like a deadline to get me working at my most productive :o) I’ve had a few moments of panic during the week when I’m not sure if it’s panning out right… but I’ve got through them and I’m starting to feel more pleased with how it is coming along! Well, for the moment at least…! 

The last couple of days I’ve been working on the waves and getting some more detail into the water… The sea still needs more work but the oil is too wet to add more detail to them just yet. It’s nice to get the movement of the waves into the painting though and see the look of the overall scene. There’s plenty more work to be done – I need to work into the colours of the sunset much more and add detail to the sand and the reflections. So these shall be my next tasks. I also need to go back over the clouds too as they are looking rather rough. Basically the whole painting still needs several more layers of work really! Lots to do – must crack on :o)

Costa Rican sunset
Costa Rican sunset

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