Week 34: Digital painting!

So I have sourced a new graphics tablet – and I’m very excited! I’ve had graphics tablets before but nothing as cool as this one. In order to test it out I started doing a bit of sketching… as I am now thinking about the trio of flowers I thought I may as well test out a quick sketch of one of my photos. Here it is:

Digital flower painting
Digital flower painting

Not a work of art I know! But I do think it could become a pretty useful tool in sketching out ideas and planning paintings. I also found it really interesting to sample colours from the real photo while sketching… some of those colour values did not turn out to be at all what I expected!! But they all work once in context. Very interesting indeed. I shall be learning a new thing or two about colour I have no doubt :o)


3 thoughts on “Week 34: Digital painting!

  1. Hi,
    Sounds like its a special tablet to do graphics, not an app on a tablet.. How does it work? do you scan in your artwork or sketch right on to tablet than print it if you wish?..

    1. Hi Deborah, interesting question… I guess that is a bit confusing what with the introduction of tablet computers now (I’d never thought about the similar names before!). I was talking about a graphics tablet which you draw onto like a pen on paper and what you are drawing shows on your computer screen. It’s like painting on a canvas but on the computer. But not linked to the new type of ‘tablets’ at all! Thanks for the comment :o)

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