Week 33: The secret beach hut – part 2!

So by the end of my last post we had a nice little house structure. Here’s what happened next to turn a bog-standard beach hut into the customised hut in the invite illustration!

My model beach hut in the making.
My model beach hut in the making.

Door frames, window frames and little heart: Thin strips of the balsa wood were carefully cut, painting and glued to the main structure (pics 1 & 2, sorry about the lighting – it was sometimes a little late into the night when I was working on this project!)

Door details – Life ring, door knob and door sign (pic 7): The life ring was inspired by pom-pom making when I was younger! I was at a bit of a loss as to how to make this donut shape, then something twigged a pom-pom making memory and I realised I could use that technique to make a life-ring type object. I bought some nice embroidery thread so it would look smart and crafted the ring by wrapping it around a cardboard cutout. I had good fun finding a door knob which is actually a little button. The sign is a piece of balsa, stained and varnished, with embroidery thread glued to be wirey for the hanging.

Interior – window panes, Poppy the cat, the surfboards and a little pic: My Mum had the wonderful idea of leaving the roof unattached as a lid so you could put little special things inside. So thank you Mum! I loved that idea and it made me get a little more creative with the interior too, knowing that people would be looking inside. So that sparked the idea for the framed photo (pic 9) so they can always remember their youthful grins ‘when they were young and engaged’. The window panes are just made from a perspex sheet. Poppy the cat (pic 10) is a painted cardboard silhouette attached to wood to make her stand up – it was really hard making a cat that small! The surfboards (pic 4) were cut and sanded in balsa and then decorated with acrylics.

Creating a sandy base: I had to do some experimenting to work out how to create a ‘sand scene’. There were two options (pic 3): painting PVA glue and scattering sand over the top or mixing sand and pva and then using this guey mixture to ‘build’ the scene. I ended up using a combination of the two to get it all looking ‘just so’ (pic 6).

Beach ball (pic 8): I found some little wooden balls that I could buy which luckily came in just the right size, then (very carefully!) painted my beach ball pattern onto them.

Drift wood and shells: The driftwood and shells came from a variety of places and a few different special beaches are incorporated in there which I’m pleased about :o) The driftwood had to be cut/broken carefully so that it would still look suitably ‘drifty’ and natural – lots of sanding was required!

And voila! Picture 11 shows the final creation!!

Now that it was a little ‘container’, I began thinking about uses for it in it’s new home. I had the idea that they could put a little thing in each year for their wedding anniversary, eg. Year 1 find a little tiny paper something and continue for following years with whatever material it is – a little wooden trinket, a copper pot etc. And once they’ve been married 60 years the can bling it up with a big diamond on the front door! :o)

So that is how the beach hut was done. Next up, back to the floral trio!


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