Bougainvillea painting in acrylic

Week 28: Loosen up love!

A spot of painting this week… I’m still working on my floral trio, so I’ve been doing a bit of rough painting in acrylics just to get some idea of the colours and the feel of the piece. I’ve completed this sketch-painting of the bougainvillea flowers from the shortlist I drew up last week . I choose this first as I just love the peachy and pinky combination of colours in the flowers, which are set off so nicely by the bright blue sky behind and the glossy leaves. With this painting I’ve tried not to get too hung up with accuracy but have concentrated on the colour combinations and the style of the painting.

As my title suggests I’ve tried to loosen up a bit on this painting – a lot of my work tends to be quite detailed and careful. But I do love a more relaxed, impressionistic feel. Since I’ve started this little creative journey I’ve been looking around lots of lovely blogs and sites and I’ve seen so many paintings I like with a more relaxed feel to them. I really tried to not work too much into this painting and just keep it more sketchy. I’m quite pleased with the results… now to work out what other flower paintings can go with it in the trio…! :o)

Bougainvillea painting in acrylic
Peachy/pinky bougainvillea painting in acrylic

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