Week 27: Development work for the floral trio

I’ve been keen to crack on with work towards my floral trio of canvases. Tempting as it is to just rush in and start painting I’m trying to be a little more controlled about this set of canvases as I want them to really work together well and I’m hoping that these three can look like a nice little set (particularly as they are attached to one another!). I’ve been thinking about my colour palette having looked at my flower pics from my travels. Some of my favourite photos are of orange, pink and red coloured flowers so I want to try and get a combo of those. Now, I like pinks and oranges together but I know some people are a little more wary (I have been criticised for my fashion choices!!). So I’ve been carefully playing with the palette to try and get a nice appealing combination of colours together :o)

Here’s a sample palette where I’ve been testing out some of the colour combos… I quite like this lot together.

Color by COLOURlovers

As well as thinking about colour combinations, I’ve been trying to work out what flowers will work best together – here’s where I’m at so far with whittling down my photos…!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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