My intended palette

Week 24: New project brewing…

I’ve been thinking about my next oil painting project recently. I decided to start by having a peruse around some canvases and as usual, ended up buying more than I intended to! I found some cool little canvases that prompted an idea for a new set of paintings… I found a set of three quite small canvases that were all attached with rope and they sparked off some ideas in my brain for a new project :o)

I have lots of lovely pictures from when I went travelling and I’ve been meaning to turn some into paintings for a lonnnnnng time. So when I saw this trio I thought, yes, I can get three pics on there in one go! I intend to put an image from a different continent on each canvas and have been flicking through all my photos to try and find what I’m after. I think I’m going to go along a floral theme as I took SO many pictures of flowers from around the world on my travels and I’d love to have some pics of those up on my wall! For example, I have been keen to paint the Japanese Cherry Blossom ever since I first saw it, so I think that will be one that makes the final grade.

What I’ve been trying to experiment with is my colour palette as I want all the images to work harmoniously together, so I need to get a good strong palette together which will work across all three images and bring them together nicely! I don’t want it looking like three random images, I want them to look part of a beautiful set!

Here’s my fab new canvases and my palette experiments!

New Canvases!
New Canvases!
My intended palette
My intended palette

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