Dried rose watercolour painting

Week 22: Breaking out the watercolours!

So it appears I’ve got a little behind in my postings… I’ve realised I need to do 2 shots of creative time to make up a week. Things have been busy lately and I think I may have lost a week somewhere. I think I probably did get my creative session in, with all the illustration work I was doing for the last few of weeks. But just to err on the safe side I shall do extra to cover two weeks – don’t want to cheat myself out of my resolution now!

So in creative time this week (which is actually last week as it turns out!) I cracked out the watercolours! As any regular readers will know I’ve been banging on about colour for quite a few weeks now. I’ve been desperate to do something colourful but time just hasn’t been on my side. This week, I decided that as I just don’t have the time for my oils at the moment, I would get my colour fix another way… watercolours!

Now I’m not used to working with watercolours and am seriously out of practice. However, I do love them and absolutely admire people who paint amazing pictures with them! So this first session was just about experimenting and getting some colour onto the pages. I didn’t really know what to paint so I had a look around and there were some cool roses I had dried recently loitering about. They had some lovely colours in the petals where they had been slowly fading away whilst hanging upside down so I thought I’d tackle those… Here’s one flower and my experiments:

Dried rose
Dried rose
Dried rose watercolour painting
Dried rose watercolour painting

I find it difficult to get the definition I want with watercolours. So I ended up developing this little hatching-style which I used with a limited palette – and it seemed to help me get shape into the petals better. I figured I might feel a little more comfortable if I  treated them more like  pen and ink sketches (something I’m much more at home with!). And I quite like the output! A very enjoyable session :o)


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