Yellow heather under a bright blue sky.

Week 20: Colour chat

Lots of illustration this week as we had deadlines coming up for postage of the little wedding packages! It was a busy week but a really lovely project to work on. Having a project like that (and of course an imminent deadline!) was great for entertaining me in the evenings and allowing me a little escapism from the real-world :o) I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the style/concept that my friends came up with for what they wanted from the designs, so it was really easy to work on as I totally understood what they wanted and was really into the look they were going for! And as the invitations will be going out this week (I think!) I should then be able to post some pics of what I’ve been busy working on. I really can’t wait to get my invitation pack through the door as, although I’ve been working on parts of it, I haven’t seen the final printed versions or the final products collaborated together!

Aside from illustration I’ve been picking up some inspiration from all around and particularly from the great outdoors. As is my way at the moment, I’m thinking a lot about colour… I don’t think colour is my strong point when it comes to art, I think with composition and tone I feel relatively confident, but colours and creating compatible colour palettes I find more difficult. SO, this is definitely something to work on :o) I’ve been doing some reading on the subject and reading a bit about colour theory in order to help me understand it. Generally, I know what I like when I see it, but I’m not so good at creating those schemes myself… so I’ve been trying to see things I like, and then break them down using colourLOVERS palettes to record them. It’s a pretty interesting project and a good way to explore colour while my paints are packed away in the corner and I can’t quite find time to get everything out!

Here are my experiments… so far I’ve been doing them by eye as I want to test my colour perception. But I shall do some tests with the colour dropper to test how close (or far!) I am to the real deal. This first one was inspired by a lovely walk under a gorgeous blue sky and with beautiful bright yellow heather all around. The colours were gorgeous. I did this when I got home and from my memory… so this is the first time I’ve actually found the photo and tested it up next to my in-mind-palette!


Color by COLOURlovers

Yellow heather under a bright blue sky.
Yellow and blue

Looking at that by my untrained eye… my memory didn’t serve me too badly. A noble first effort I think :o)

This second palette was inspired by a post by Emily on her wonderful beautifulhello blog – Emily introduced me to the amazing art of Christine LaFuente, I loved the colours in the top painting in this post so I decided to give creating a palette in similar colours a whirl!

Color by COLOURlovers


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