Week 19: And into production…

There’s been production on two fronts this week, both with art and craft. My invitation illustrations got the sign off from my “clients” which was very exciting! They even sent me a pic of them all coming off the printer – very exciting. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with them and seeing the final invitations!

Cake decorating!
Cake decorating!

So I’ve been working on more illustrations this week for other parts of their wedding project. But on top of that I had a lovely crafty weekend as I was booked onto a cake decorating course. It was all about learning how to decorate cupcakes and it was fabulous!! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I loved doing something hands on and of course, working with such lovely, pretty and yummy little things!

We learnt about how to colour the icing, make all the different shaped decorations, pipe icing onto the cakes… basically everything that’s on top of the cakes was made from scratch. We started off with just rough balls of white icing and it all started from there. It was a lovely relaxing break from the real world and I was totally engrossed in creating my little cake accessories!

Definitely something I would like to continue doing – I intend for all my cakes to look much prettier from now on :o)

So a good week’s work on the art and craft front!


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