Week 18: Illustration and Inspiration

I’ve been busy on my under-wraps illustration project this week, getting the final designs completed for my friends. I got really positive feedback after I showed them the intial designs which was fabulous news and a big boost to my confidence! As digital illustration is fairly new to me I find it really hard to judge my efforts but they said they loved the design and it was just what they had in their heads. So. Can’t say fairer than that :o) So I’ve just been making some adjustments based on their feedback and then getting the images sized up for final production. Exciting stuff! I can’t wait to show you the final images once they are out in the big wide world!

I have some further illustation work to do on their wedding project so it shall be on with that next week…

I’m also desperate to crack on with some colour work, I’ve done a lot of pen and ink sketching the last few weeks and then I’ve been busy with the illustrations… but I think I’m going to have to get those paints back out soon and do some experimentation… there’s lots of ideas in there itching to get out…! I’ve been having a look at the wonderful COLOURlovers website to get my colour fix in the meantime :o) I just love looking at the palettes!

In inspiration news, I went to look around a studio open day over the weekend which was really interesting. It was great to see what all sorts of artists were up to in the local area. There was painting, print-making, sculpture, photography… it was very interesting. It made me REALLY want to have my own studio too – would be so fun just to be able to get creative and have everything out and ready to go whenever you wanted. The studios were actually surprisingly affordable too… well, when I say affordable, I couldn’t actually afford it for the amount of time I’d be able to spend in it. But suffice to say, it was less than you might think anyway and definitely affordable if you could sell a painting or two each month. However, for now I shall continue to dream…!


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