Week 17: A sketch collage

Train scene collage
Train scene collage

Once again I was on the train this week and at a loss of what to draw… I was looking out the window but everything was moving so fast I couldn’t keep up. I saw some beautiful views as it was a very scenic trip through the countryside and there were many things that I would desperately have liked to sketch or paint. But it would only last for a split second. It was a beautiful day and everything looked so nice out of the window, I knew I had to get some of it down on paper somehow…

So after several minutes of staring at the blank page I resolved to just get started. I decided to just draw whatever it was I saw outside the window at that point as we flashed past. Anything that caught my attention, I would add that to my sketch.   Sometimes I’d see a line of trees that looked pretty, sometimes a lovely river flowing in the sunshine and sometimes an interesting building… So the final sketch is a bit of an amalgamation of many different villages and areas of countryside from along the route. It was a very therapeutic exercise and I was actually quite pleased with the resulting sketch.

I was thinking of Cezanne, and how he didn’t worry about perspective in some of his paintings (this was one of my main worries when starting as I can be a bit of a stickler for ‘true’ perspective!). In some of his still life paintings each object seems to be drawn from a different angle and it made his paintings look really interesting and quite different (particularly in his time!). So I was thinking of him as I started this little project, so that I would break out of my boundaries and accept that I *could* draw things from different angles and with “incorrect” perspective, and that it wasn’t a problem! Which was actually rather freeing.

Turned out, for the most part the perspective stayed fairly similar. I guess because I was looking across from the train all the time. But it was good to know I could have gone wild with the perspective had I wanted to! ;o)

Aside from the sketching, I am still busy working on my digital illustration project. I have a first draft of the briefed image just about completed now so I am taking this to show to my friend, to get her feedback on it. I will be interested to hear her thoughts and then I can happily make changes based on her suggestions. I hope I have got her vision in some way captured in the initial design!!


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