Cloud sketches

Week 16: Digital sketching and traditional sketching

Week 16 passed very quickly… I’d done some work on my digital illustration project which is going well and I’m getting much more familiar with the software again now. I’m quite pleased with the results so far… it is still in its basic form but I am now able to get my ideas displayed how I want to in the digital format so that is definitely progress.

However,  I can’t put anything up on here as it’s strictly secret :o) But, on week 17 I did a couple of sketches so I’ll pop one of them on this week, so there is something to look at…

I was on the train and looking around for things to sketch… there really wasn’t much on the inside so I looked outside… obviously everything was moving fast so it was hard to work out what I could draw. It was a beautiful day so I looked up to the sky and realised that the clouds stayed the most static of the fast-moving scene (and even they were moving quickly as it was a windy day!), so as I love the sky so much and it is something that always fascinates me I decided to do some really quick sketches of clouds. It was difficult as everytime I looked down to my pad to draw, they seemed to have moved a little bit by the time I’d look back up, and then sometimes the formations would have changed altogether by the time I looked back. It was a good exercise in quick sketching though and I practised a bit of my inside-out sketching again as that seemed to lend itself well to these sketches….

Cloud sketches
Cloud sketches

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