A fancy dress blackboard

Week 13: Craft

Week 13’s creative efforts were taken up with a little crafty fun. For a fancy dress costume I decided that I would make a…. blackboard! So I spent a couple of days making it – painting board with blackboard paint, creating a frame, attaching various classroom paraphanalia. It was pretty nice to do something “hands on” with cutting, sticking and composing real objects, rather than working on a single flat plane like I usually do. I really enjoyed it! Totally different to what I’ve been doing before on my creative pursuits this year, but it was great. Makes me think more about collage work and trying to incorporate some materials or 3D objects into paintings… perhaps a little mixed media work is in order…. :o) When we visited the Picasso exhibition documented in a previous post, we were commenting on his collage pieces and how it would be refreshing to work on something in a totally different way like this. So there’s another thing for my to-do list on the art-front!

Anyway, here is the finished blackboard article :o)

A fancy dress blackboard
A fancy dress blackboard

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