Week 12: A bit more sketching

I found myself sitting on the train this week after my car had yet another breakdown! So I put this time to good use and spent about an hour doing a sketch of what I could see in front of me… and that was my scrunched up cardigan shoved into my bag! It was quite a challenging subject as there were so many creases and folds in the material, it was hard to keep an eye on which bit I was drawing and not accidentally work on the wrong area… I think it was a good exercise in ‘drawing what you see’ though and trying to make fabric look 3D is something I’ve always thought was difficult so I thought it would be good for me! Works of some of the great masters often show fabrics painted so beautifully and so that they look 3-dimensional, I am always amazed at how well they are done. Anyway, so I am a million miles away from getting fabric looking like that but you’ve got to start somewhere :o)

I’ve posted the sketch as well as a photo of the actual scene so see if you can tell where the photo matches the sketch… I expect there might be some bits which aren’t quite right!!


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