A pen and ink sketch of my old bag.

Week 10: More inspiration!

This week was a really busy one but I’ve still managed to fit a bit of art. And quite a lot of inspiration! So it’s been pretty good on the creativity front.

I had a fabulous weekend, which included a very inspirational trip to London to see the Picasso and Modern British Art exhibition at the Tate Britain. It was a wonderful exhibition and I would recommend it to anyone who can get to London. They had an amazing selection of Picasso paintings, as well as works from British artists like Henry Moore and David Hockney. It was really fabulous!

I really enjoyed looking at the artwork and it sparked off plenty of thoughts in my head… I still seem to be thinking about colours A LOT… there were a couple of Picasso’s painting that just blew me away due to their colour schemes – they were just so bold and confident. Colours I would never put together but they looked striking up on a wall. Quite amazing. I think I need to do some colour pallette experiments soon – I don’t intend to draw anything in particular but just *play* with colours. So I shall add that to my to-do list and as a part of that I shall also think about and experiment with limited colour palettes which has been another thing on my mind!

I spent a lovely relaxing hour or two doing a sketch this week. I didn’t have anything particular around me to draw but I thought my bag was looking quite cool in its old, crushed up and over-used way so I thought I’d go with that!

A pen and ink sketch of my old bag.
A pen and ink sketch of my old bag.

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