Week 9: Spring has sprung

This week has been a week full of inspiration. There has been so much going on all around me. Luckily I have this blog in which to write it all otherwise I would surely forget!

First things first, I spent the weekend in Paris! Home of so much beautiful art, whether in the galleries or around the streets of the French capital. There is inspiration everywhere! I defy anyone to go to Paris and not be inspired. Surely it is impossible! Here are a few of my inspiration highlights from beautiful Paris:

Stained glass windows. As we went around some of the tourist sites, I noticed some beautiful stained glass windows. Some I could take photos of and some I couldn’t due to restrictions in the venues. Many of them didn’t depict anything in particular but were just lovely patterns in lovely complementary colours. And it was these combinations of colours with the light shining through them that I thought could be a great look for a painting style.

I’ve been thinking a lot about colour this week actually… and my use of it. And some future experiments I would like to do. But I think that will have to be another blog post another time as otherwise I’ll waffle on forever!

Gold. I just love the way gold crops up all over the city while you are wandering around. I love the way it really brightens up the place and makes it look magic, even on a dull day. I was wondering about getting some gold paint or gold leaf into a painting to give it a bit of pizazz. I’d have to find a subject/composition that would work with it but I think that could look really good and a really fun experiment.

The sky. Now obviously this doesn’t just apply to Paris but I did see a beautiful sky out there one evening. There was also a lovely one here in England yesterday evening.  I have an ongoing love affair with the sky as it absolutely fascinates me. It is probably my most photographed ‘item’ (and that is saying something!). I have ridiculous numbers of shots of the sky in various states on various evenings. One of my aims is to do a series of paintings exploring the sky and it’s gorgeous colours.

The weather has been lovely here and it really feels like Spring has arrived. In fact – I’ve seen my first wild daffodils so in my mind that confirms it! I’m feeling really inspired by the spring and the lighter evenings. I think I want to explore some nature in my work this week…

This week I have spent plenty of time pondering on what my next project of my Creative Year will be. I don’t have any definite answers yet. But I think that is ok. I have an old painting that I started ages ago… I loved the design for it but didn’t like what started coming out as it got on the canvas… so I’m wondering about starting to nurture that one back to life based on some of this inspiration! For now I’m just going to work on some sketching and doodling to try to generate some new ideas for it.

Besides, it’s national doodle day today so that’s pretty apt :o)


2 thoughts on “Week 9: Spring has sprung

  1. ” Luckily I have this blog in which to write it all otherwise I would surely forget!” – that’s how I’ve been feeling about my blog ever since I started it (a couple of months ago) :)

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