Finished painting of the wedding

Week 8: Signed, sealed, delivered!

I’ve done it! The painting is all finished and handed over!! And to wide critical acclaim. Ok, I’m getting a bit carried away there but they did love it and genuinely seemed over the moon with its arrival. They didn’t have an inkling I’d been working on it so it came as a complete surprise which was an added bonus.

Soooooooo, finally! Here is the painting I’ve been whittering on about for the last 8 weeks…

Finished painting of the wedding
Finished painting of the wedding

This photo shows the final painting, I’ll post a selection of the “in-progress” photos in due course so that you can see the painting develop from the first washes of colour to final piece.

Overall I’m really pleased with what I have achieved. This is my first architectural painting – and it’s certainly not simple architecture – so it was a great challenge. And I feel like (after some wrangling!) I’ve finished the painting in a way that I am really happy with. The people who have seen the painting so far have said it really captured the day of the wedding and that it feels very personal to that special day. So, in that, I feel that I definitely achieved one of my key goals.

Last week involved quite a few hours of work getting the painting finalised for delivery – 12 hours to be precise! I did a solid 8 hours on Sunday of last week which made no end of difference. Sometimes a prolonged period working like that is just what you need, and that is definitely what I needed at that point! I then did a couple of evenings of painting and I was even painting it the morning before I was about to put it in my car (I never have managed to deliver a dry painting!). Mostly it was only really small changes but I just couldn’t help but see little tiny things I wanted to tidy up. I could have gone on for hours and days more doing this, but at some point you have to draw the line and declare it finished don’t you? So I was really pleased that I had my deadline set!

So now I can tally up all the hours I spent on my first painting of my new years resolution… looking back through this blog it seems to have taken somewhere in the region of 50-something hours! Quite a surprise! I would think that is probably significantly more than I have spent on other paintings as this was a good sized canvas and the content was quite detailed. It will be interesting to compare to other paintings once I record some more on this here blog :o)

But what next?! I hadn’t really thought about blog-life after this painting so this week I need to get thinking (and doing!) on what I’m going to work on next…


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