Week 7: The end is in sight!

I managed to fit in quite a lot of painting this week – I got a good few hours in from Monday to Wednesday. Probably about 6ish hours so that’s a decent week’s effort I think! I’ve realised that writing hours in my weekly updates has the additional bonus of me being able to track how long I spend on a painting – which will be pretty interesting! I know I timed it once before and my most recent landscape of Byron Bay totalled about 10 hours (I had an exhibition deadline so it went through v quickly!). This painting has already had a lot more hours dedicated to it! But it is more complicated with architecture and people in it too so I guess that makes sense. Anyway, it will be interesting to tot up the hours at the end of the painting… and incidentally, the final painting is getting very close!

So I had a really good session working on the foreground area that needed some attention… it’s hard to know how much detail to put into the foreground as there is so much more detail available (because it is much nearer the viewer obviously!) but you don’t want the viewer to be too drawn to that area as really the main focus is further back in this painting. Anyway, luckily for me this area seemed to work fairly naturally and I just painted away and was really pleased with the results. Phew.

One area that didn’t work so naturally is the sky. After my research last week I reworked all the wispy clouds and am really pleased with the results. I think they look a lot more natural than they did before. However, I now feel like the big fluffy clouds don’t look so good. They’ve turned a bit Simpsons-like (you know, the clouds from the opening sequence!) so I think they are going to require more attention… I have been looking at even more cloud images! However, I will get there! I think the problem has been that I haven’t had one single source image to paint from so the mismatch of images is showing a little in the painting.

So by the end of week 7 I could see that I was close to finishing and everything was pretty much done. But it just didn’t look ‘done’ to my eyes. As in, it looked a bit scrappy in places. It looked like it needed a good amount of time spent fine-tuning (I can say this with confidence as I’m now into week 8 and I have already spent 8 hours doing said fine-tuning!! But that’s for the next blog-post…!). And then some time for the oils to dry quick smart!!


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