The sky’s the limit

So I was wandering into work this morning, thinking “My, what a beautiful day”. It was a lovely sunny blue-skied day. It feels like we haven’t had one of those for a while so it was great to stare up at the sky and really soak up the beautiful weather. Upon looking a little closer I could see pretty little white whispy clouds. And then it clicked! (I can be a bit slow in the mornings…)

Now the sky in my painting has been giving me a bit of grief. And only yesterday I blogged about how I needed some new source images because those I have of the wedding day don’t have as much sky in as I need. I’m fairly pleased with my depiction of the big fluffy clouds which were around on the day – they are looking ok. But it’s the whispy streaky ones that were behind the big fluffies that have been more difficult to make look realistic. I know they were there on the day, and I want them to be there in the painting. But I can’t really recall exactly how those type of clouds work…  But here today, as if by magic, there was a whole variety of them in the sky. So after a little bit of shall I/shan’t I/do I really have time for this, I decided that I’d better stop bumping into people/almost falling in the water while craning my neck to take in the different formations. So I got out my camera and snapped a few pics en route for reference.

So here we have it, some reference pics of pretty whispy clouds to hopefully help with my sky painting skills!


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