More saturated colours.

Week 6: Only 1 week to go!

Time is ticking by… there is only 1 week left for me to finish this painting. I’m not handing it over til the 24th Feb but I need to give it a few days to dry off a bit before transporting it (well, I really need to give it more than a few days but that just isn’t going to be possible). Panic is starting to set in a little bit but I’m just going to have to bat that off and be productive instead :o)

I fitted in all my planned hours last week and a bit more so that was really good. But unfortunately, the weekend whipped by without me managing to fit in any painting. Which is a shame, as in theory I had time that I could devote to it. But in practice, it didn’t happen.

I did find time to do some colour experimentation on the computer which I really enjoyed. It also provoked some interesting new thought directions so I think it was a worthwhile exercise and something I may use again in future. The main aim was to experiment with warming up some of the colours in the picture. Although not all these images do that, some of them are simply results that I found that I liked along the way! They’re not what I want for this painting but I really like the idea of doing a painting in something similar the faded style another time, so I thought I’d include all the images for future reference.

However, what I’d really wanted was to crack on with some sustained daytime painting time in the natural light and I didn’t manage it. So I’m feeling a bit annoyed at myself that I didn’t make time for it. I’ve got a busy week coming up this week so it would have been useful fit some additional time over the weekend. However, it didn’t happen so I can’t dwell on that, I will just have to work doubly hard this week!

So on my to-do list for this week is:
– The sky. Although I did quite a lot of re-work on the sky last week it’s still not looking right. I don’t feel that it looks realistic enough so I’m doing some research to find some images that I can use as reference. It’s difficult not having a picture of the sky on the day so I’m thinking I need to find a sky image from a similar day and then work from that to get it looking ‘right’.
– The foreground. The most foreground area of the image still needs final detail adding. It’s the only area of the image a layer behind at the moment- so I need to bring that up to speed ASAP.
– The building. It’s getting there but it still needs more work, just little details and tidying up to get it ‘just so’.
– The people. I’ve worked on the little tiny people last week but there is more work to be done. I did manage to buy my new (tiiiiiiiiiny) paint brushes on the weekend though so I should be able to start adding more detail now.

So that’s pretty much the to-do list. Which isn’t too bad I guess (it seems less daunting now I’ve written it down!)… I think the sky is the main thing, once I can nail that then I think I’ll be on the home run. The gardens, grounds and water got quite a lot of refining last week so there’s very little work left on those. I am getting there I think… hopefully by my next post I’ll have all these points ticked off!!


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