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Week 5: Colour scheming.

I made it! I made another 7 hours. But only just this time and it was a bit of a push. And rather knackering. I ended up staying up late a bit too much in order to fit it all in. Of course I enjoyed the actual task of painting! But it did take it out of me. So, given that I’ve been away all weekend again I’m not going to set myself quite such a tough target this week. As I don’t want to be overtired and do a bad job now do I? So I’m going to give myself a 5 hour target this week – 1 hour for each day that I have left this week. I think my weekends should free up a bit from now on (which they need to as I only have 2 left until my deadline!) so then hopefully I will be able to cram plenty of hours in then if needs be.

That said, things are progressing well and the end does not feel a million miles away! Progress was good last week. I did a lot more work on the building architecture which is looking quite detailed now. I did more work on the sky. And I finally have the people in place. Although one of my next tasks will be to buy a smaller brush as I can’t add any more detail on the people or some of the architecture until I have one. So I think that will have to be a job for next weekend. Overall, I’m pleased with my progress – there are even areas that are starting to look quite ‘done’ now. However, before it gets too ‘done’, I really want to think about the colours a little more…

I like the painting at the moment – the colours are roughly similar to the real building and surroundings, although perhaps a touch more vibrant. But I have this niggly feeling that I want it to feel more atmospheric… maybe a little warmer. You know, use a bit of artistic licence to put some extra emotion into the subject. I’m wondering if I could add something to the colour scheme to add more feeling. It was such a beautiful and special day, with so much love and warmth, and I really want to portray that in the painting.

For instance, I love this painting by Leonid Afremov – Etude in Red. It’s more extreme than I wish to go in my present painting (but I would love to do something more full-on in a future piece!) but perhaps I could subtly add a little bit of this beautiful colourfulness into the painting. His painting looks so vibrant and dynamic, and I’m particularly interesting in the walls of the building and the lovely warmth that radiates from them. Or for a less stylised look – I like the warm colours in the building in Jasper Francis Cropsey’s painting “The Isle of Capri”.

The original photo used for the painting.
The original photo used for the painting.

So I’ve decided that in order to experiment with some different colour schemes easily, I’ll play around with my original photo on the computer – just as a quick way of seeing how subtle amendments to some of the colours might look without experimenting on the canvas. So that’s something for my hit-list for this week.

Shortly after I had been pondering this, I came across a very interesting blog when I was searching for ‘painting’ ‘architecture’. This blog questions the boundary between art and photography and it really piqued my interest. It was this post containing an architectural photo/painting that drew me to the blog but I found the whole subject very interesting and had a good browse around. As I’m working from a photo but wanting to produce a real ‘painted’-looking painting (for want of a better expression), there are some really interesting images which might help to give me some ideas on ‘painterly’ styles. I’m not quite 100% clear on what’s a photograph that’s been manipulated in post-processing and what’s a painted work. But I guess that’s the point really isn’t it? Impressive…even if it makes me feel a little bit mind-boggled…!

So only 18 days til handover now – I’d best stop waffling and get painting. This also means only 18 days until I can finally post images of my painting throughout production – hoorah.


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