My pallette mid painting progress this week.

Week 4: Pallette’s Pallette.

First things first – I did it! I met the 7 hour goal that I set myself last week. I even managed a bit over 7 hours! And needless to say, it was a lovely seven hours :o)

It wasn’t easy though… it was already Wednesday before I knew it and I’d not done a minute of creative time. As I try to make the weekend part of the subsequent week’s creativity allocation I was running out of time to fit in the magical seven hours, and fast! So even though I went out for part of Wednesday evening I decided to just try and get a bit done once I got back. In the end I did almost 2 hours! This was swiftly followed up by a super full evening of painting on Thursday – over 4 hours. And then a couple of hours on Friday too before I went out. So it was a bit crammed in there – but I made it. And that’s the main thing! I think the goal setting of last week really helped as it made me very keen to achieve what I had aimed to. Otherwise it would have been too easy for days to fritter by with me thinking “it isn’t worth starting just for the odd hour”. But it is worth it, every hour counts. That is what this week has taught me. It has shown me how big a  difference you can make in just one hour of painting.

With that, I can’t really go without setting myself a goal for next week now. It’s a bit of a squeeze to fit the hours in but I think while I’m trying to meet a deadline it’s worth doing. After that I can relax the timescales a little more and get back to my 1 hour minimum. So, I think I’ll have to go for another 7 hours this week… I can’t think of an acceptable excuse to do less! Let’s see how I go… eek.

My pallette mid painting progress this week.
My pallette mid painting progress this week.

So what did I do with my precious 7 hours? Well I made loads of progress… and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I worked on the building, working more detail into it (there’s still a long way to go but it’s progress). I worked a lot on the gardens and greenery and that looks masses better now (you can see from my pallette picture that it was mainly building and greenery work going on!). I also (finally!) messed up the sky. I finally cleared the pure blue area and started playing around with some clouds – the blue was starting to become as restrictive as unpainted white canvas. I was fearing making a mark on it. So I knew I just had to jump in and get something on it, whether good or bad (or should I say weather good or bad? oh dear…)! The sky now looks so much more interesting and atmospheric with clouds in it, not to mention so much more like the weather of the actual wedding day. So it was very good and rather liberating to tackle that. The next thing I need to do, which is becoming similarly daunting, is to add some little people in the gardens – I don’t want the gardens getting too ‘done’ before I put my stars of the show into them. Otherwise I’ll worry too much about “making a mistake” and “ruining it”. I speak from past experience ;o)

So that’s the task for my next seven (or more!) hours; add the people, further work on the sky, more work on the building and just generally fiddling around with all areas of the painting as the mood takes me. Hopefully my work from last week will have had some time to dry over the weekend so it’ll be all ready for more paint application!


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