My painting setup

Week 3: Give me just a little more time… (to quote Kylie)

I’ve managed to fit in a few hours of painting this week, probably 3-4. I feel like I haven’t done enough BUT, my rules were only a minimum of an hour so by these standards, I’m still doing well. However, I do feel I’d like to devote more time to this painting just now. It can be frustrating not being able to get back to my easel some days!! I’d also like to get it done so that I can give the present – I’ve set myself a deadline now and am aiming for a mid-Feb handover. So now I have that’s set I really need to make sure I can achieve it (!) Therefore, my aim for this week is to get a good few hours in. So let’s quantify that, I’ll set a goal here and now and say…. hmm…. 7 hours of painting. OK, I’ll aim to do 7 hours painting this week. We’ll come back to that next week and see how I’ve done…

My painting setup
My painting setup

My progress this week has been good though – I started working some more detail into the painting and adding some texture to the building. Although in doing this I found YET MORE architectural inconsistencies, one of which involved blanking out a whole area of wall to start again. But hopefully now ALL the architecture is tickety-boo. Fingers crossed!

Next steps will be to finish off the work I’m just doing on the building, followed by sorting out the sky (the main photo of the building is from a different day to the wedding so I want to try and get the sky like the wedding day whilst keeping the lighting correct on the building) and the lovely garden surroundings. Oh and few little people enjoying a wedding celebration :o) None of this work will be the finished product, by any means, but I’m just getting a more detailed layer down before I move on to further layers…!

I’ve had a request to add a pic of my art environment and set up as I can’t show pics of the actual painting, so here it is. Although, thinking about it, it would be better taken during a painting session with paints squeezed out onto the pallette. Then at least you could see the colour scheme of the painting… so I shall endeavour to capture that for my next update.


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