Week 1: Dusting off that easel.

Now I know titles like this may be a bit boring, ie. always starting with the week number. But that is purely so that there is no escape. So that there is no covering up if I miss out a week. I must be creative each and every week and have something to report back on. However, we already know that, so I’d better update you on what I did in my first week of the Year of Create: 2012….

Happily, I managed to slide some creative time in just at the end of the first week of the year. It took me a few days to get straight about what my new years resolution was so that left me a little short of time to ensure that I didn’t fail before I’d even begun! But as soon as I’d worked out the rules of my plan, I knew I needed to get going and fit in some painting. I already had my next canvas sketched out and planned from last year… but it’d been like that for months. So it was an easy way to start, finally get on with this painting! So I got all my paints and easel set up (slightly more time-consuming than I thought) and then got cracking.

It was a great day to start as I actually had a whole free day so I got to spend some real quality time with my painting. And I loved it. As soon as I got into it I was wondering ‘why have I left it so long?’. It made me feel all at home and connected to myself again. Proof, if proof be needed, that my resolution is the right one! So the day was lovely and it went really well – the majority of time was spent splashing colour around (fun!!) and getting rid of all the white of the canvas. Then some time fine-tuning areas of the picture to make sure I had the composition right. The main subject of this painting is a building – and not just any building but a beautiful, old, complex building. Which is absolutely lovely but possibly not so lovely for making sure I get everything precisely in place. One false move and the whole perspective goes out. Eek. I’ve never painted architecture in a final artwork before so I think this should be really good for me, a good challenge!

So what did I do this week? Where’s the pictures? Now this sounds like a handy excuse but I can’t actually show anything of my first painting. Well, not yet. The reason being that this painting is a wedding present and it will be a surprise. As it’s a present and I don’t want them to see it before the final handover, so I’m afraid images are going to have to wait until it’s completed. But I am taking pictures as I go along (I find it helps me see the painting with fresh eyes somehow) so rest assured I will put a series of images up once the painting is finished. The whole process will be documented in due course. Watch this space.


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